Help us grow the collective knowledge on how to implement Open Education!

Share your policies and case studies with the OE Policy Hub.

Anyone can contribute to the OE Policy Hub. Please share your input with us and helpw to grow the collective knowledge on how to successfully implement Open Education in institutions and states!

We strongly encourage you to send us your input. Currently we are especially looking for policies and case studies.

Submit a policy

You can easily share your policy directly to the OER Policy Registry. As soon as you have registered to the OER World Map, you can share your policy. You can find additional help on how to share your policy on our help page. If you need advice or prefer us to add the policy, please contact us!

Submit a case study

Beside Open Education policies, we are also interested in collecting case studies about policy making in the field of education. The idea is that through case studies we can learn about the processes behind successful policy initiatives, so to allow others to learn from what has been done, what worked well and what didn't.

Case studies can be about a specific policy (for example “How the OER initiative XYZ was designed and planned”), about a policy-related activity (for example “How civil society advocated for OE policy in the country XYZ”), or about a policy tool (for example “How were developed the policy guidelines XYZ”). In brief, anything that can help us and the community to learn from others’ work!

You can either write a case study specifically for us (we will of course recognise your authorship) or send us an existing case study (increasing its visibility).

If you are interested, please contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!